Why Long Tail keywords Search SEO Bring Better conversions


Focus on long-tail keywords is a greats strategy. The long-tail keyword is more specific. It provides the exact information that you needed.

In this post, I will explain

  • Long Tail keywords
  • Why we use long-tail keyword
  • Short Tail VS Long Tail
  • Long Tail keywords Benefits
  • How many types of Long Tail keyword
  • long-tail keywords tool

Long Tail keywords

The Long Tail keyword is used for better conversation. The long-tail keyword is a keyword or phrase that is usually longer but a limited number of searching.

  • The Long Tail keyword is used better for conversation.
  • The always write a long tail keyword.
  • The keyword you should write it give the solution to the problem of the user.
  • You should write a shorter keyword but it related to the topic.
  • The benefits you got increased the time on site but also lower the bounce rate.
  • You should write a long tail and a very specification keyword

The long-tail keywords are keyword phrases that search something very specific on the web.

Alt tag Long Tail keyword

The keyword or long term or short term. The short term keyword or broad keyword are generic meaning like “WordPress themes”. Sometimes also called the head world.

While long-tail keywords have a longer length and best description of anything instance” free WordPress themes for the blog”.

Why We Use Long Tail keywords

The first thing to use a long tail its quite easy chance to rank. Concentrating on a gathering of long-tail keyword will bring about a lot of traffic out and out.

Another advantage of concentrating on long-tail keyword is that in spite of the fact that these keywords are utilized less in search, the guest that finds your site utilizing them is bound to purchase your administration or item.

It is a lot simpler to rank for long-tail keywords than for increasingly regular keywords in light of the fact that fewer sites seek high rankings in the outcome pages of Google

Short Tail VS Long Tail

Short Tail keywordsLong Tail keywords
The sort tail keyword consists of two to three words long.The long tail keywords consists of more than three words.
The short tail extremely competitive this mens not you are not target.The long tail keyword are more target.
The short term keyword have more traffic. But new site can not use the short term keywords.The long-tail key word have not much traffic. but the sites can easily rank there keywords.
The short tail have high volume and high completion. But focus low and cost high.The long Tail keyword have low volume and also competition.But focus high and cost also low.
Conclusion Short tail keywords are also called broad keywords.The short keyword have low (ROI) return on investment.Conclusion the long tail keyword have high (ROI) return on investment.


“It will good to cover my previous articles before this. It helps to learn more about SEO Tips. In which I explained

Long-tail keyword tool

1 Google Trends

If you find the popular keywords that are trending then use Google Trends.

With Google Trends, you can see whether enthusiasm for a specific keyword is developing or declining and stack two keywords facing each other to perceive how their prevalence looks at.

You can likewise channel enthusiasm as per areas and subregions. which is valuable when you are focusing on a particular geographic territory.

2 Ubersuggest

The next tool that I explain which Ubersuggest that finds the top organic long-tail keyword of the competitor. This is a power full tool for SEO analysis. It is an entirely free Long-tail keywords tool.

Ubersuggest now incorporates an area review that gives data in regards to what’s attempting to your rivals keywords search checking backlinking and content proposals

3 Keywords Everywhere

The keywords Everywhere provide search volume CPC competition. The keywords are Everywhere available as a Google, Firefox extension also provides the best long-tail keywords.

4 KWFinder

The KWFinder can assist find with long-tail keywords. KWFinder offers a perfect interface and a brisk inquiry highlight that can create many low competition keywords applicable to your site.

KWFinder is ideal for beginners yet at the same time significant to further developed bloggers.

5 SEMrush

SEMrush is the best tool to find long-tail keywords. The SEMrush gives the solution E-Commerce competitor search and enterprise solution. It provides the whole arrangement of the solution domain niches.

SEMrush makes it simple to look for keywords and discover their rankings in all the significant web indexes.

Other helpful highlights incorporate catchphrase looking through dependent on geographic area just as serious knowledge around.

Long Tail keywords Benefits

The Facebook Twitter and Linked in are lies in Broad keywords. If you search word Facebook in google search than the Facebook login page appears the first position. The no-one beat Facebook to appear first.

But over Long tail keyword its more chance to rank in the google first position.

  • The broad keyword must have one or two words where long-tail keyword starts with three words go with seven to eight worlds.
  • The broad key world has high traffic but has a difficult chance to rank in google’s first search result.
  • where long-tail keyword have medium to low traffic but they are easy to rank in the number one position in google.

Long Tail Keyword provides Target search Result

Long Tail keywords are more explicit than general two-three words so they are progressively explicit to the searcher’s needs.

It is an exercise in futility for guests to visit a site that doesn’t offer the correct data and for you. They are probably going to leave your site rapidly and this will expand your skip rate.

Individuals who showed up on your site from long-tail keyword are in all probability on your site since you offer precisely what they are searching for.

For the most part, the change rate for the long-tail keyword is altogether higher than for the general keyword.

Long Tail keyword help for Less competition

It is a lot simpler to accomplish a higher situation for a long-tail keyword than for increasingly regular catchphrases in both natural list items just as paid promotion results.

A long-tail term, for example, “WordPress topic for the Blog” returns far fewer outcomes than the “WordPress topic”.

This implies that there are fewer locales out there effectively seeking after that watchword, so you have a superior possibility of positioning higher.

Long Tail keywords provides Best PPC

The long tail keyword is used mostly for advertising. In PPC (pay per click) you will pay each time when someone clicks on the ad.

if you bid on no-specific very general keyword than you will have lover conversation and lover click-through rate.

if you bid on the right specific keyword and provides the better description. just attract the right visitor to your site. Your PPC campaign pays off soon.

Long Tile keyword Provides Lower Cost

Based on the demand of the keyword google provides the cost per click. Exceptionally serious watchwords with a high pursuit volume will have a high CPC, while less serious catchphrases will have a lower CPC.

Types of Long Tail keyword

The long tail keyword are three types

  • General
  • Informational
  • Transaction

How to write a post for the WordPress blog is an information long-tail keywords. if you have a content bases site or blog that target an information long tail keyword

Buy an online smartphone this is a transaction long-tail keywords. if you manage a site that is buy-online anything than always write a transaction long-tail keyword.

Wrap UP

I had explained why we use long-tail keywords. What benefits you got after using long tail. I have explained the short vs long-tail keyword.

I had explained the different types of long-tail keyword with example. The last section provides the tools that use to find long-tail keywords.

In which I describe the detail of the Google trends and Ubersuggest and keyword everywhere and Kwfinder.

i hope you got the idea share my content if you like it.