How to Validate The Keyword SEO|Drive Traffic


What is keyword Validation

Validate the keyword SEO means you should have the keyword which is trending. Validation is a complete process in which you will find the right keywords.

The researcher who take time to validate the keywords get benefits. They are many SEO companies that are investing because of its importance.

They are different types of tools that provide this facility to input the keywords and see the accurate with the keywords. What type of things is to search or need of the people.

Here I will explain the complete detail of validation the keyword SEO using Google trends. how to validate the keywords. Which keywords are trending how to find those keywords is my aim to explain.

Why we Validate the keyword SEO

However, keyword validation is much important in SEO perspective. The keyword validation provides the target audience that is searching on google. You can shortlist the content and topic. just write on content on that topic.

Validation of the keywords that are a high volume of search

This process provides the actual search term. how much time required for keyword rank that helps your content strategy.


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Deep Analysis of keywords validation

  • They are different type of tools that are used to find the keyword like keyword planner and keywords Everywhere, Ubersuggest and Semrush.
  • Never ever use a keyword which has monthly searches is less that one thousand.
  • We need to validate the keywords which have million of monthly traffic.

How to use Google trends to validate the keyword

Just search on Google trends. Open the menu and click on explore. After that paste the keyword and click on compare paste the five keywords.

You will just compare five keywords and check there search traffic and replace it with any keyword which makes an easy and clear comparison.

If you write the best articles after validating in google trends. You will be one of the top three spots of Google. This is the tactic using a low competition to find the best traffic.

Wrap Up

In this section, I have explained the importance of keyword validation. Using google trends I have described the complete experiment.

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