Top WordPress SEO Tips | Techniques to Ranking post


Top WordPress SEO Tips Techniques

These are Top WordPress SEO Tips Techniques if used properly, can make a significant difference as to how your post will be ranked on Google.

  • How many time Unorderlist is used?
  • Which Font Size is used above the fold?
  • Do attractive Elements play a role in the ranking?
  • The Important of User single in SEO


“It will good to cover my previous articles before this. It helps to learn more about SEO Tips. In which I explained

Unorderlist SEO Factor

  • Use all the important information and specification in the form of the unordered list.
  • The always used the unordered list.
  • It increased the chance of ranking in google search results.
  • The unordered list just nothing special is bullet points.
  • The user experience point of view is quite easy to find information.
  • The description of anything writes in the form of an unordered list. It’s quite easy to read and find information.

The average search result of the unordered list in the top ten search results is 47 percent and the top 30 search result is 44 percent.

The structure of the content better manner is highly rank factor. How to convert the paragraph into the unordered list. The simple procedure that you are following.

In any paragraph which contains a spacificatin of anything. You can gave space and selected this line and select the bullet list. How paly important factor plays an important role in search research.

The first searches result in the google average unordered list used in the post which is 17 approximately. The top ten search results have used 13 unordered lists. Top thirty search results used 10 unordered lists in the post.

This is a Top WordPress SEO Tips Techniques ranking factor to increase the search result. But not used unnecessary paragraphs to converted into an unordered list.

Font Size SEO

Simultaneously, improving your readability can directly affect SEO just as it builds up a superior connection with yours audience.

The responsibility of the user and site admin to check the cross capability. What is cross capability?

The crosses capability checks the site is open another Brower according to the font size.

Before 2015 this factor is not analyzed most of the time for the ranking factor. They are different types of tool are used where you can to check the font size.

  •  NetRenderer
  • Browser link
  • Brower shot

The above the fold region you most have to use the font size is 14 and the below the region must have to use the font size 12.


The netRenderer site in which you can check the cross capability. You just paste the link of the site and produce a result. 

Alt Tag Top WordPress SEO Tips  Techniques Fon size SEO netrenderer tool

Top ten sites follow the same site structure search matrice of the font size.  If you confuse what is above the fold. please see the website the

  • The header of the site
  • Title Bar

are lies in the above the fold.

Browser link

The second tool is the Browser link. This is an advanced tool in which you selected my option. To test the cross capability.

You will use internet explorer plus different types of operating systems. How to check it. Just open a link and past the name of the site and click on the Test button.

After clicking on the test button, you will also change the different versions of the operating system and internet explorer. It takes some time to show a list of options.

Alt Tag Top WordPress SEO Tips  Techniques is Font size SEO check tool browser link

Brower Shot

The third tool is browser shots. The Brower Shot also check cross capability. The Brower Shot is time-consuming as compared to load a site.

You can bookmark the link and see later what type of issue your site has. just past the link and find the font size SEO issue.

Alt Tag Top WordPress SEO Tips  Techniques Font size SEO check tool browser Shot

Adsense Integration

It’s your own priority to use the ad according to the site. The AdSense allows using the ad above the fold. My opinion is never used ad below the fold until you improve brand awareness.

IF you will use the ad below the fold it decreases the revenue. In the web site, they are only two region

  • Above the fold
  • Below the fold
  1.  The above the fold is the region which appears on site which is open a site without scrolling.
  2.  The below the region is the area which is open to scrolling the site.
  • Can not use to much add at the above the fold.
  • Only one to two ad maximum.
  • It cannot use popup ads or overlay ads.

 You can use one ad in the header and one adds in the sidebar. You can use the one ad inside the post content and blew the fold.

Do not force the user to click the ad and open the page. If you use the ad in this manager the AdSense should ban. Because you violate the policy of the google.

Responsive Design SEO

For user experience, your site is readable in all formate. The formate men’s all mobile size and desktop size. A website must be used response theme to arrange elements as you change the theme. If the page is rank better than another page must use a responsive theme.

Alt Tag Responsive Design SEO

They are a diffident tool that is used to test your site is a response or not. How to check your web site is responsive or not. These are the best tool where the check site is responsive are not.

If your site performing well in these tools then your theme is responsive. But if you fail to load a site most change the theme to responsible for ranking your site.

As Research 0f 2020, the top 30 research results in google most of the site is used responsive themes.

Attractive Elements

How attractive elements are work in google search results. These attractive elements are added to the Menu Bar SideBar. The main priority increased the interactive elements of a site such as

  • Top post 
  • Related post
  • Comments

 The structure of the site is easily accessible.  The better the structure higher the ranking. The two most things that increased organic traffic the time spend on site plus also reduce the Bounce Rate.

User single

CTR Time on site (Each user spends on time in your site).If you are CTR is less than 3% to optimize your heading Meta description title and use the rich snippets. How google know these single singles from following tools

  • Google analytical single
  • Google Adsense
  • Chrome browser

 These three tools are analysis of a lot of data on each site. The highest the CTR higher the ranking.If you improve the bounce rate its increases. The ranking factor in Google.

If your site ranks in the number one position in google than the average CTR is 32 % if your site is second in the search result the CTR is 14% if you rank third that the average CTR is 10%.


Top WordPress SEO Tips Techniques. I have explained different SEO TIP like Unorderlist SEO Factor and Font Size SEO where explain three different tools NetRenderer, Browser link, and Brower shot. I have explained three main Responsive Design SEO analyzer tools. In the last section Adsense Integration and Attractive Elements and User single. These play a very vital role in rank in Google for more information.