How to Reduce the Bounce Rate SEO & Increase Time?


In this post, we will learn the different methods to reduce your Bounce rate SEO. if your bounce rate too high and you want to reduce your bounce rate?

  • What is Bounce Rate SEO?
  • 9 Top tips Increase the time-on-site $ reduce the bounce rate SEO?
  • The bounce rate is different on the very site?
  • Why the visitor can Bounce back from your site?

The higher bounce rate killer factor user comes to the page but not converted customer and subscriber.


“It will good to cover my previous articles before this. It helps to learn more about SEO Tips. In which I explained

What is Bounce Rate SEO

The Bounce rate SEO is an important SEO factor. According to google’s source, the Bounce rate is the particular time a visitor spends on a site, such as a click on the link, filling a form.

The higher the satisfaction of the user lowers the Bounce rate. You should remove the page which has a maximum Bounce rate.

A Bounce rate in google how happy your user to read the content of your site.

Increase the time $ reduce the bounce rate SEO?

These are the major reasons that make an effect and lower the bounce rate SEO.

  • Page speed
  • Easy navigation
  • Featured image
  • Avid a pop ad
  • Subscribe Box
  • Youtube video plugin
  • Related post
  • Rich snippets
  • Open external link I new page

Page speed

According to the latest research page speed is an important factor. The approximately 80% of the user is moving from the site if site not load with 2 seconds.

  • Page speed is the measure of time a page should be totally loaded.
  • The Page speed relies upon a wide range of components, from host to structure of the site, and can be improved.

Truth be told, load time does make a difference for the two clients and web indexes or search engines.

Make sure your web site has a very perfect load time. How to check the speed past the link of the site and click on the analyze button.

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Easy navigation

The structure and labels of your navigation can have a huge impact on results because of it easy to find anything.

  • Website navigation plays an important role.
  • The navigation increases your visitors’
  • ability to find relevant information more quickly.

The navigation is a crucial spot to show pertinence to web crawlers. Since your navigation up on each page, the descriptive label shows Google that you are really about that topic.

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Featured image

A lot of reasons that make an effect and lower the Bounce rate. The Featured Image (also known as post thumbnail).

For creating an eye-catching image. Simple you create an account on Canva and login with the account and create a beautiful image.

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Avoid a pop ad

A pop-up is a graphical user interface display area, usually a small window, that suddenly appears.

Does not use a pop ad in front of the site. As the user sees it user bounce back as soon as possible.

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Subscribe Box

  • The SubscriberBox is a speedy structure instrument that can be utilized to gather email ids of your site guests.
  • Numerous individuals visit your site from different areas, yet you are ignorant of what their identity is.
  • The other factor to use a subscriber box. It is not used when the site is open. this open with the user is the move to close button then or is open.
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Youtube video plugin

The second factor is to reduce the bounce rate. The related video is add in post content to improve the time on site.

You will add one related video on your post that creates value top search results. This is the best plugin to add a relevant video.

  • Simply add a youtube video plugin to enhance time on site.
  • Add one highly relevant video related to the topic.
  • The video which you can search from daily motion or youtube.
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Related post

It provides an impressive user experience. Always write a related post. Because the user read a post to see the next site content.

  • Adding related posts on your blog can help improve content commitment, keep the user on your webpage
  • improve your SEO

Provide related posts on a page. The context of an article that is going to help a user better understand. what type a site provides content.

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Copyright Image

Simple way to search copy wright image just search any image on google

Select the option <tools> after that select <Usage right > and select <label for reuse>

Alt Tag Bounce rate SEO Copy right image use

After that, the image will use in a post, and no one could claim that is a copyrighted image. All the option are available

  • Size
  • Type
  • Colour

 You can use any of the sizes you want. This also provides the facility to choose any color you want to use it as well.

Open external link New Window

For better user experience, we suggest opening a link in another window or tab. Along these lines, the first site page isn’t lost and clients can continue perusing your site by exchanging back.

Another advantage of opening an external link in another window is expanded site visits and client commitment on your site. Clients are bound to come back to the past tab and wrap up the article.

An external link is connections to sites that you don’t possess or control. Typically, in the event that you add, eternal link your guests will basically leave your site by tapping on the connection.

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The bounce rate is different on the very site.

  • 30 – 50% is excellent
  • 50 – 70% is average
  • 70 – 80% is poor
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How to calculate a bounce rate simple formula is there (Rb= (tv/te)

  • Rb= is the bounce rate
  • Tv= Total number of visitors view one page.
  • Te= Total entires of the page.

The ratio of tv and te define the Bounce rate. The simple way to calculate the Bounce rate to install google analytics to see the bounce rate of the site.

Why visitor can Bounce back from your site?

  • Clicking to link to a page of different site
  • Clicking the back button to leave the site
  • Closing a window or a tab site
  • Typing a new URL
  • Session time out

Wrap Up

Reduce the Bounce Rate & IncreaseI had explained Bounce Rate SEO? The Bounce rate SEO is a helpful measurement to gauge the degree of fulfillment of your clients, alongside the normal time-on-page.

I had also explained Top tips Increase the time-on-site $ reduce the bounce rate SEO? The bounce rate is different on the very site?

On the off chance that somebody enters your page and leaves it without tapping on a subsequent page, that is a Bounce rate.

You stress over SEO on the off chance that you have a high bounce rate yet the normal time spent on the page is likewise high. These play a very vital role in rank in Google for more information.