Getting start with MongoDB tutorial


This tutorial will provide step by step advanced and basic concept of MongoDB.where you can easily understand the core concept of MongoDB.

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Let’s being starts start with MongoDB tutorial.MongoDB is a database that store NoSQL data. In relation database schema already define. But in the NoSQL database, the schema is not defined. NoSQL store data in a way, a user picks it easy. <Twitter>is an example of NoSQL.


It would be better if you have the basic knowledge of RDBMS concept. Actually, you are going to learn a high-performance database so we need some basics of these. It will good to cover my other articles. It helps to learn more about MongoDB.In which I explained. Click here No SQL introduction and different NO SQL database and MongoDB Indexing working

What is MongoDB

MongoDB is an open-source document orientation database written in c++. It consists of architecture which contains Collection and document. A table in the relation database is equal to the collection in MongoDB.A tuple in the relation is equal to the document in MongoDB.Like Other NoSQL database, MongoDB had Dynamic schema and format to store data is BSON means Binary j son.


MongoDB develops in 2007 as a platform for services Initially, later on in 2009 MongoDB introduce in the market as an open-source. Its first company names 10 gen. After its owner decides its name Mongo Inc.

Concepts  MongoDB and SQL

Alt tag MongoDB tutorial


In MongoDB collection is a group of a document typically all document has a similar or different structure. A collection is equal to a table and each record saves in a collection.


A record in MongoDB stored in the collection.Document store JSON object in the form of a key-value pair. A document is equal to the tuple or row. for example <age> is key and its value is <30>and <Company> is key and its value is <Cosmosis>.


I wish I could tell you that a great site of just understands the key element above post-MongoDB tutorial. For more about MongoDB please click  Introduction of MongoDB.You also read my previous lecture. I hope you will understand this lecture. Thank you for reading this lecture. Hope you got the idea. please share it.


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