MongoDB Relationships Step by Step Guideline


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This article will provide step by step advanced and basic concept of MongoDB.where you can easily understand the core concept of MongoDB.The relationships are many types Such as One to Many. Many to Many.One to One. The main purpose is defining the relationship is that How the relationship in MongoDB is different from Relation database relationships.


It would be better if you have the basic knowledge of RDBMS concept. Actually, you are going to learn a high-performance database so we need some basics of these. It will good to cover my below articles before this. It helps to learn more about MongoDB.In which I explained.Getting Start with MongoDB tutorial and Installation MongoDB on Windows.

Let’s I will explain a simple example. That helps to understand.what is a Document. A document is a row or tuple in MongoDB.which contains a key and its value. Below code is an example of a document.

Embedded Document

Embedded document means inside a document one or more document exists. That has also document structure. The MongoDB can store arbitrary deep nested data structures. The MongoDB document has a structure. You should effectively use a query to access any part of a document. The MongoDB Relationships can be Model as an Embedded  Document and Reference Document.

Jason data consists of <object> and <array>. The data in a document is the form of key and value pair and Curly bracket {  } hold objects where Box bracket [] represent the array. if you want to store more than one document or object you will use the array. The following example that explains Embedded document <objects> and <array>.

All the data is stored in a single document. which easy to process. Means a single document maintains all the data. One main advantage is that you can access all the data in a single query as well.


I wish I could tell you that a great site of just understands the key element above post-MongoDB Relationships working. More, detail about MongoDB relationships, please click here Relationship in MongoDB.You also read my previous lecture. I hope you will understand this lecture. Thank you for reading this lecture. Hope you got the idea. please share it. If you find any mistake or confusion Commit on reply section.