MongoDB Reference Working


Reference Document

In this article, we learn MongoDB Reference working. In MongoDB reference in managed by Manual reference and DBRefs reference. If we have a lot of data in a table. We split data into two table and making the reference between two table using the primary and foreign key in the relational database. But in MongoDB reference managing somehow different.


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Manual reference

In Manual reference simple _id of one document store another document just to make reference.when you run the query its show related data. The following is the example of manual reference.


DBRefs reference is managed by one document to other using first document _id field, the name of collection and database name which optional.the document which locates multiple collections more easily link from a single collection using DBRefs.

There are three fields in DBRefs

  1. $ref: holds the name of the collection where reference establish.
  2. $id: holds the _id field of the referenced document.
  3. $db: optional field contains the name of the database in which the referenced document resides.

The following is the example  DBRefs reference.


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