MongoDB Data Modeling Concepts



In this article, we learn MongoDB data modeling.My main focus describes its simple steps.MongoDB document in the same collection has no need to same structure.the second thing in MongoDB same field has different data.third thing MongoDB has a dynamic schema.the difference between SQL and MongoDB Concept show below fig.

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Characteristics of MongoDB

  • MongoDB rich document
  • pre-join and embedded data
  • No constraints
  • Atomic operation
  • No, declare schema

Schema in SQL 

Shema is a container in which all database tables are logically related. Provides user permission and authorized access to the user.the following below Bus Ticket system schema in SQL which contains four table.

Alt tag MongoDB data modeling

Schema in MongoDB

the following below Bus Ticket system schema in MongoDB which contains four Collection.

So while displaying the data, in MongoDB.the data will be shown for one collection only. but as compare SQL needs to join the table.


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