Installation MongoDB on Windows for Beginners



This tutorial will provide you a basic and advanced concept of MongoDB where you can easily understand the core concept of MongoDB step by step.Let’s getting starts with installation MongoDB.MongoDB store data without a table structure.if you have a social network site and a number of the user and you want to save information on a server you will use MongoDB.its also provides a lot of benefits as comparing SQL.MongoDB helps to store NoSQL data.


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Installation MongoDB

I will explain how to install MongoDB on Windows.first thing to download MongoDB to its original site. second thing to make it’s download for a <window or Linux or Mac>.Third thing remembers your system requirement.After that, you will open its original site. you will click on download button.Select the option.<Mac Window or Linus>For window.You just select version <A, B>that writes below. For Window seven-eight and window 10 select option A.

if you use window Vista then you will select the second option B

and Download it.

Implementation Section

After downloading the setup.just double click on a setup.the following picture shows.and clicks on next button.

Alt tag Installation MongoDB

A new window will open you just accepted the term and condition and click on next button.

Alt tag Installation MongoDB

Alt tag Installation MongoDB

Press the Finish button.

Click on <-start menu–>and select <-Mycomputer-> and find out<C-drive> then click on <Program file>and find folder<- MongoDB->

Afer that double click on <-MongoDB-> Click on <-Server-><-3.4-> and open a directory <-bin->Inside this many of mongo files.You just follow<mongod><mongo>

Alt tag Installation MongoDB

After that click on<Command promopt>and open it<Run as administrator>and write <mongod>press<Enter button>.

Alt tag installation MongoDB

Next step again click on<Command promopt> and open it<open new window>and write <mongo>press <Enter button>.

Alt tag Installation MongoDB


I wish I could tell you that a great site of just understands key element above post-Installation MongoDB on the window.For more about MongoDB please click More Detail of MongoDB.You also read my previous lecture.I hope you will understand this lecture.Thank you for reading this lecture. Hope you got the idea. please share it.