How to improve SEO and User Experience


In this post to will learn about what factor plays very important roles in SEO user experience. Why SEO user experience help for the google boot to rank a site and user point of view.

They are four main factors that play a very important role for SEO user experience

Top Ranking Factor SEO

  • How many internal and external link should add?
  • How many images you should add in a single post?
  • Page with video
  • Information on the page structure

Internal and External link(Search engine optimization)

This is an important SEO factor internal and External links Search Engine optimization that belongs to the user experience.

Regardless of whether you’re shiny new to SEO-advancing your blog entries, you’ve presumably heard in any event something about inner links and outside links connecting best practices.

The facts confirm that excellent connections can make your post progressively legitimate and helpful to your perusers. They likewise give your web search tool results a rankings support.

In search result 2020 adding more links in a site. It has more chances to rank on google. So adds an internal or external link every 100 words so there a good chance to rank in google.

If you have written a post of 1500 word you can write a minimum of 12 internal or external links. You will add a 90  link in the post. But these you will the following position.

These are not links that you add into the post but these links add the following positions. The main strategy is to add the most relevant link to every 100 worlds.

  • Footer
  • Header
  • Top post
  • Category
  • Recent post

One more thing keep in your mind. when any user came to your site . its click-through two-plus page this should be done to lower the bounce rate

One of the fundamental subtleties to remember is that there is a major distinction among inward and outer connections, and they fill various needs for your substance system.

Both are significant and valuable, both to your perusers and to helping you get those web crawler results you need. Be that as it may, they are helpful for altogether different reasons.

Utilizing both interlink and outside link connections in an astute manner can be a genuine aid to your SEO methodology and ought to be a piece of each.

How many images you should add (Search engine optimization)

Depends to what extent is your article content. Actually, for short articles, one picture is sufficient yet may include second one close to the finish of the content.

  • For SEO user experience point of view if a user reads a full post adding the image is an attractive element.
  • As we add the image it reduces the bounce rate and plus user time spend on site also increased.

For huge articles, more pictures are required. In the event that has an entire screen is loaded up with content just it will be exhausting and even challenging to peruse.

Page with video(search engine optimization)

The major factor you add the related video content to improve the time on site. You can also add the related video you can search on youtube and daily motion video.

But this related to your topic you will add one related video on your post that creates value top search results.

Information on the page structure( search engine optimization)

The posts with images and videos and internal and external links paly a very better information structure.

if you maintained the better structure higher will be the ranking. These are the single that send feedback to google for ranking the site.


User experience is a future SEO facture. Why user experience matter in SEO. how many factors are involves to rank a site?. I have explained four main factors in the SEO user experience. these play a very vital role in rank in Google for more information