How to Use Best keyword research tool for Website


In this post, I will explain the how-to search Best keyword research tool and find what keywords of my competitors are using.

Finding a competitor keywords is the best way to increased the traffic as well ranking factor in the google.

You will find out what keywords of my competitors are. Make a strategy for it and it will potentially great benefit give you.


It will good to cover my previous articles before this. It helps to learn more about SEO Tips. In which I explained

keywords of competitors

When we discuss the competitor keyword. We discussed both the keyword and their top pages that rank well in the search engine.

As we find the keyword of the competitor why we are failed to rank in the number one position.

Just single click you have to find the many keywords is not simple. Some of the work you will do manual. Although tools also provide great help.

While there is definitely not a solitary a single click device to perform contender examination of keyword, there are a couple of various techniques accessible to streamline and accelerate your exploration procedure.

Best way to Search competitors keywords

  • SPYFU ALEXA Similar web to find the competitor.
  • Using these SEO tools to find the 3 or 12 competitors.
  • Validate these keywords through google trends.
  • Find the long-tail keyword utilized by your objective market that you hadn’t thought of yourself.
  • Why competitor Broad keywords rank higher than your keywords.

Best keyword research tool for WordPress

  1. Ubersuggests
  2. Keyword planners
  3. Demrush
  4. Keyword tool io
  5. Seo Book
  6. KWFinder
  7. Keywords Everywhere
  8. Google Trends


Ubersuggests is a Best keyword research tool used to finds the top organic keyword of the competitor. This is a power full tool for SEO analysis. it is entirely free.

Let we find a top keyword of <> at Ubersuggests.

Open the site Ubersuggest and write the name of the site and <Select the country> and click on the <Search Button>. Simple paste the site <URL> and see the information like the organic keyword.

But we need to find the top organic keyword. After scrolling the button and view the top organic keyword of the site.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is uber-suggest.png

Choose the keyword where the search difficulty is less than 40 and the competition is low. if you have a 10 competitor than just take a top 5 keyword. if your competitor list only has 5 sites then take the top ten keywords. Writing more articles on lower completion keyword.

Let start with Ubersuggest paste the <URL> of the <site> and import all the keyword. After that open a file and formatted an Excel file in the table.

Applying the filters where search volume is greater than 1000. The search position is less than or equal to 10. The search difficulty is less than 40. After that find the top keywords.

Simple if you have a 10 competitor you will find the top 100 keywords of the competitor. you are not writing all the articles of these keywords.

We will validate these shortlist keywords. You are finding 30 40 keywords which are trending. This process is called keyword Validation.

While starting a new website. If your post is highly relevant to the keyword you are targeting. Then the user will spend more time on your site.

then the Bounce rate will reduce and ranking on the top for a long time. then the competitor is to write much better content than you.

How to collect top page of specific landing page

Simple way to find the landing page keyword of any site. Just open google keyword planner.

  • There are several advantages to use Google keyword planners.
  • Time consumption is less
  • Provides all the keyword in CVS format.
  • It easy to shortlist all the keyword. It is free to update ultimate and updated tools as compare to all other tools

if you are new user just login with the google. Enter you email address. Just create account without a complain.

After that select the option <Tools> and choose option google <keyword planners>.

The next work you will do which is paste the site of your competitor and see the complete site keyword or specific landing page keyword. While two options are there where can you will get

  • Complete site keyword
  • Specific page keywords

i will copy the <URL> of my competitor and paste it and click on add filter and Select option Competition.

At that place, there are many keywords. You can shortlist keyword with having low completion keyword. We just find the keyword with having low competition with low volume.

If you site have significant back link and domain authority than target the keyword with medium competition.

Select the filter with low completion keyword and after that all the keyword with low completion keyword. We need only the keyword with competition is low but monthly search is >= 1000.

The google by default provides an entire list of all keyword. Just download the entire list and apply the check monthly search > 1000.

After download file. Just open the file. In file, they are five columns. Delete all the column. Reaming column formatted as a table.

Click on max search column. Apply the filter monthly search great than 1000.

  • Repeats this process with 5 to 10 competitors website.
  • After that you will find 100 to 200 low competition keyword.

Whenever you try keyword of the whole website or specific page. After that do not forget the keyword with google trends.

You can further shortlist the most suitable keyword than low completions long-tail keyword.

Till now we have seen very good tool for keyword planning. I wish to show to some other SEO tools too for keyword search.


How to do competitor analysis with free feature with best seo tools. This tools provids three things like

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Backing Analysis

Its 14-day rail free after that they provide other packages. I am going to show you the entire process to find a keyword. Is depending upon you.

You follow up this process or not. If you start a web site and web site are new not getting too much traffic then follow the procedure.

All is needs to find out 1 to 2 competitor. The website that you follow long time related to niche. The competitor you already know about.

Once you will find one-two competitor. You will find out ten more competitors. With domain authority, less than 60 and monthly search is 100 k.

Once you enter the name of the competitor it provides you with the list of the competitor. You select the competitor which have monthly traffic less 100 k. Shortlist the five to ten competitor and click on the organic keyword.

keyword tool io

keywords tools io is the best tool to find the keywords. This tool is the best alternative of google keyword planners and other keyword search tools.

The free version of the Keyword Tool generates up to 750+ long-tail keyword suggestions for every search term.

Just write the name of the keyword and click on search button it provides the list of keyword related to the niches.

SEO Book

SEO book is other free tools to find the keyword. The register your free account. Simple give the email address and password.

The most important thing of this tool is provides the monthly searchers daily searches Google as well Bing traffic and several other detail.


KWFinder can assist find with long-tail keywords. KWFinder offers a perfect interface and a brisk inquiry highlight that can create many low competition keywords applicable to your site.

KWFinder is ideal for beginners yet at the same time significant to further developed bloggers.

Keywords Everywhere

keywords Everywhere provide search volume CPC competition. The keywords are Everywhere available as a Google, Firefox extension also provides the best long-tail keywords.

Google Trends

If you find the popular keywords that are trending then use Google Trends.

With Google Trends, you can see whether enthusiasm for a specific keyword is developing or declining and stack two keywords facing each other to perceive how their prevalence looks at.

How to find the related keyword

Just open Google.Com/NCR (no country redirect). You will directly visit the without the local domain. Write any keyword on google search after that you will see the multiple suggestions.

You will add these related terms to your post. I will add these related keywords while I am writing any of the posts.

The google always provides you local search when you search any thing on the google. You will find the country traffic.

What you will do just write google after that write the contrary name Google USA or Google fr or anywhere you rank your site.

it will provide the search term related to the country. But covering many related search term improve your search relevancy.

What about Next

I have explained the Best keyword research tool. Using this tool you have easily find the keyword of the competition. In the next post, I will explain the validation process.

In which I describe the detail of the Ubersuggest and keyword planners keyword everywhere and Kwfinder.i hope you got the idea share my content if you like it.