Simple Way to Create Android Splash Screen


Let me demonstrate the android splash screen to you an extraordinary arrangement with negligible alterations while the application is stacking.


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Android Splash Screen

  • Android Splash screen is ordinarily used to demonstrate some sort of working before the application stacks totally.
  • They are many ways to create a splash screen in android.
  • The Splash screen refers to the first experience a referred as welcome screen.
  • A splash screen is the first screen that is visible to the user.
  • In ios Splash screen built mechanism but in android unfortunately not exist.
  • This splash screen example contains a Progress Bar on the screen. when Progress Bar completed its duration than lunch a new activity.
 let’s begin :
  • Define the SplashAcicity in manifest.XMl
  • Create a new layout for SplashActivity.
  • Set a background image SplashActivity.XMl.
  • For create new  a new SplashScreenActivity<go to package name<Right click> select the <Blank activity>.

SplashActivity in manifest

The only one change enable in the manifest.XMl. Open a manifest.XMl and change the activity order for lunching.

  • The SplashActivity lunching first
  • The MainActivity lunching after.
  • Paste the code in the manifest.XML

SplashActivity Layout.XML

  • In SplashActivity Layout.XML define the two main component.
  • The number one the ProgressBar which complete its duration to start the new activity.
  • The number two is a label on the top of the Splash Screen.

MainActivity Layout.XML

The MainActivity Layout.XML contains three buttons. After progress bar complete the cycle than MainActivity.XMl started.


The SplashScreenActivity must be Starting Activity.


  • Simple you will move the toolbar section and find the run button.
  • Here you ran the application and see the amazing output.
  • The following output contains the progress bar.
  • After progress bar finishes his working. The new activity is lunching.

Alt tag android splash screen

This is the new activity that is starting after completing the duration of the Progress Bar. This activity contains there the button. But you will customize it as you want. You will place anything radio button edit text imageView as well listView.

Alt tag android splash screen


Here I completed an example of a splash screen in android.  My first task is to define the splash screen in a manifest.xml. after that, I had set the background image. The next task that I finished creating the layout for Splash activity and the main activity.

With this methodology, the Android Splash screen appears amid the application initial value when it’s valuable. Additionally, there is no compelling reason to make an additional action to dispatch the splash screen, avoiding delays related to the active creation.

I hope you got the idea. You will also custom the splash screen as your desire. if you like this please share it.

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