Big Data Concepts and Characteristics


Big Data

The big data means have big opportunity handling by the organization. The big data is the data whose size is beyond the capacity to manage analysis in a single database.

The basic idea related to big data is growing digital data like listing music, browser searching query, smartphone collecting data, credit card information. Our digital conversation like social media site facebook twitter and photo that take from the digital camera or increasing amount of CCTV camera videos that upload in YouTube.

Although the great advance of the technical data is growing too much faster such as Facebook networking transactions mobile application. There is one term that characterizes the huge amount of information is called big data.

The increasing amount of data serval’s business intelligence tools such as OLTP and data mining also artificial intelligence is used for decision making for a better existence.


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The term is regularly utilized synonymously with the related idea, for example, Business Insight (BI) and information mining without a doubt each of the terms is used to analyze data and gives you advanced analytics.

The concept of big data is different when we have a large amount of data, a number of transactions and number of the data source are so big and complex and required a number of special method to inside the data. The traditional techniques are fall to dealing with big data. The data consist of structured and unstructured. The many business enterprises and professional organization deal with big data.

The data is consist of two main types which is structured and unstructured. Both types of data are used most of the business organization and manage it’s deferentially. The structure data always in the inform of row and column its highly organized information same like a traditional database. The relatively easy to store mange query and analysis. But the structure is strictly defined in term of filed name and type. The structure data is organized form and it’s easy to analyze. The structure data consist of like information address phone.

The unstructured data that are not fit into traditional row and column structure of the database. The unstructured data include audio video text web pages social media messages. As my enterprise organization looking new database to address the unstructured data. The unstructured consists of Vs properties which is volume velocity and variety

Properties of Big Data


The big data is characteristic due to the massive amount of information. Now, these days data is generated network human-computer interaction and social media. It is very common to have Terabytes and Petabytes of the storage in enterprises system. As the data grow to manage and analyzing the database is difficult.


The verity refers to many sources to both types of structured and unstructured data. The data comes may format email photos videos and monitoring pdf and audio. This variety of structure creates a problem in mining and analyzing.


The velocity is a massive amount of unstructured data that continually grow and increasing very fast and its double every two years. The velocity may different form as well as unstructured data that are not stored in the row-column format.