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In this article, we explain the Android Customized ProgressBar Example . There are many cases in android to use a progress bar but the main reason to use show how much time is required to complete the task.


It will good to cover my previous articles before this. Its help to learn more about Android development. In which I explained  Radio and Toggle button and How can create Checkbox and spinner in android?

What is Progress Bar

Android Progress Bar is a graphical view pointer that demonstrates some advancement how much time to complete a task. Android progress bar shows a bar speaking to the finishing of the undertaking.

Progress Bar in Android is valuable since it gives the client a thought of time to complete its undertaking. Progress bars are utilized to indicate the advancement of an assignment.

For instance, when you are transferring or downloading something from the web, it is smarter to demonstrate the advancement of download/transfer to the client.

if total time takes to finish an activity is known, the Progress bar which is utilized to demonstrate the advancement of such a task is called the determinate Progress Bar or flat advancement bar.

On the off chance that aggregate span it takes to finish a task is obscure or unknown, the progress Bar which is utilized to demonstrate advancement of such activity is called horizontal progress bar or round advancement bar.

Determinate   You want to specific quantity time of progress bar is required such as percentage required to download a file.“android:id=”@+id/determinate Bar”style=”@android:style/Widget.ProgressBar.Horizontal”
Indeterminate It uses when you do not know how a task takes time to complete. show a cyclic animation. android:id=”@+id/indeterminateBar”
ProgressRepresent the progress of the work. Like 0 to 100
Indeterminate_DurationThe duration required for interminate animation. Like integer value 100.
MaxDefine maximum value.
MinDefine minimum value.
Progress_DrawableUsed to set the determinate progress Bar drawable.
Progress_Background_TintSet the progress indicator at background may be color value RGB.
Progress_TintUsed for the hint.
Indeterminate_DrawableThe Indeterminate_Drawable used for reference used in intermediate mode.
Indeterminate_TintApply the hint to indeterminate progress

Progress Bar Style

AttributeHow to use this
















Create a new Layout
->Right click> the ->layout folder-> select ->New option->and ->click ><-layout resource folder-> and<-After the layout is created>
<Paste the following code>


Create a new Class

Create new class ->Right click-> the ->package name ->select ->New option-> and click-> java class <-Create new class ->.
<Paste the following code on an activity that host the layout>


Android progress bar gives to idea how much time is required to complete a task. It is the user interface element that tells the progress of the operation. In this post, Android Customized ProgressBar. I have to explain all the styles that are used in the progress bar. I had explained what is the progress bar where we use it. I also explain its different styles that are used in your project. You can change the color its size according to that you want. its complete example for the beginner as well professional. More Detail about

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