Android 8.0 Oreo Top 10 Best advise


Android 8.0 Oreo

An updated version of Android 8.0 Oreo available, this version is available with the exciting feature in Nexus or google pixel device.but nexus and pixel user are facing some problems as under.

The following are the issue

Camera issue

If you face a freezing camera when app start or some lines on the screen while taking pics.

Do this to fix the problem

  • Turn off Bluetooth or wifi and other connectivity.turn on <Airplane mode>a while install open camera app is a good option for fixing this issue.
  • Turn off battery optimization by going to the <setting> battery and tapping on three vertical dots.

Unsteady App

If you find some installed apps unsettled.In your android 8.0 Oreo

Do the Following.

  • Reinstall the app after uninstalling it.
  • Try to clean app cache and costly do the factory reset.
Charing problems

Some users face charing problem in their pixel or Nexus devices some charing issues very slow charging or stop charing sometimes.

  • Always use original chargers for your device
  • You can also charge your device from laptop or PC
  • Another trick turn on Airplane mode while your phone on charging
Cellular Data issue

Some user finds their Android 8.0 Oreo device unable to get cellular data services. Do these suggested step before contacting carrier. just turn off device for a while then turn on again now connect through cellular data

  • This issue can also fix just turn on Airplane mode and turn off a short while disabling cellular data for while then on it again to fix the issue last option is factory reset from setting.
Fast dying battery

The following are  fast dying battery do these

  • Switch off <Wifi> <mobile data> <Bluetooth> when not in use always at night time while sleeping.
  • Reduce display brightness, screen lock time.
  • Enable the battery saver feature from the battery setting menu.
  • Bring out battery optimization
  • option by tapping on three vertical data from setting now see which app has been using battery saver feature reset app preference by tapping on tree vertical dots.
Connectivity Issue

if you are facing connectivity issue like <Bluetooth> or <WIFI> in android 8.0  Oreo before performing something see your connection may be the problem.

  • Turn off your device and after short, while turning on and check your Bluetooth or wifi issues if not set out then disable <Bluetooth> or <WIfI> and enable again this also resolve the issue.
  • Do the factory reset by going to <Setting><Back up><Reset>factory data and delete all data. but before this never forget up your data
  • Disable cellular data for while then on it again to fix the issue and last option is factory reset from setting.

Slow working lagging

Android 8.0 Oreo has been made for fastest performance. Developers intended to make this OS for fastly working with some other like feature. But sometimes if a device works slowly or you notice some lagging in performance just does simple step for best performance for the device are following.

  • Try to delete all necessary file photos videos and apps by this you will be able free some memory and this easy step will speed up your device or OS.
  • Clear chase is another useful step for this to fix the problem.
  • A RAM manager tool is also present in android  8.0 Oreo.
  • Go to <Setting>memory if you find lagging in performance.this will be left you to check on your device why it is lagging.
  • Install qualcomm’sprofiler app on your device, it will also check your device.
  • If your device lagging not stop by above mentioned then lastly go to setting factory reset.

Display Issue.

Some smartphone user is face displaying issue. when a notification arrives at there device display. Never turn on this can be sorted out by these easy step.

First of all <Backup device data> then go to <setting ><Back up and reset> factory data reset and fix these issue another way. You can also download <ambit turner app> for turning on display when there comes a notification.