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Android Customized ProgressBar Example

Overview In this article, we explain the Android Customized ProgressBar Example . There are many cases in android to use a progress bar but the main...
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Dictionaries and Optional in Swift

The fact that Swift is a new language for the developer. The most widely recognized obstacle engineers keep running into is understanding. In this...
Alt tag android login window

Android Login Window Complete Example

Overview In all Android app, the login must be required for authentication. In this article, we explain the Android Login Window Complete example. The login...

Variable Operator String loops in Swift How work?

Introduction The Swift is a powerful programming language for ios. The swift code lightweight that produces software that runs fast. Swift 4 utilizes existing runtime...
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Android Linearlayout Tablelayout RelativeLayout Framelayout

What is layout in android In this post, I will describe the complete example Android Linearlayout Tablelayout RelativeLayout Framelayout. We will also describe all the...
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MongoDB Security Challenges

Database Security Importance The Database security is the utilization of a wide assortment of instruments to ensure vast virtual information stockpiling units. It is a...