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In this article, we learn MongoDB Replication working.Replica offers minimum downtime in case hardware failure software failure maintenance.


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Why Replication

  1. Keep data safe
  2. Higy availability of data(24*7)
  3. Disaster recovery
  4. Replication transparent to application

MongoDB Replication

Data replication is the process in which the data is copy to multiple locations (Different computers or servers) to improve the availability of data.Replication means synchronization of data at multiple servers.its also provides the facility of fault tolerance in case of failure because of data at multiple sites.Replication provides redundancy and increases the availability of data.The change made in one replication should and will reflect all other replicas.Replication enables many users to work with a local copy of the database.And manage backup recovery and disaster management.

Alt Tag MongoDB Replication

A replica set is a group of MongoDB instance that host the same data set.It consists primary and second replica. The primary data received all write operation.the replica set only one primary.All another secondary instance like Replica 1 and replica 2 etc. replica set provides strict consistency.The single charge made in primary data also reflect in the other replica as well.



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